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Mold Indoor Air Quality in Pittsburgh, PA

If you've noticed a strange, musty smell inside your home, you may want to safeguard your family by calling a Pittsburgh, PA, mold indoor air quality inspector. At AM Inspection Services, LLC, our staff aims to protect your health from a common problem, so we maintain the proper training and equipment for detecting invisible mold spores that may linger inside your home.

Whether you've recently had a leak or experienced water damage inside your residence, your home's indoor air may be compromised by the presence of mold and its spores. Our staff knows that mold may thrive behind your drywall, inside your insulation, or under your carpets, and our diagnostic equipment can alert us to any problems. When you hire us, you may appreciate our:

  • Quick responses
  • Prompt project completions
  • Punctual and professional staff

The friendly staff at AM Inspection Services, LLC values your well-being, and we can check your home for common hazards. Call us when you'd like to protect your family by working with a Pittsburgh, PA, mold indoor air quality inspector.